Surfing The Web Daylily


SURFING THE WEB (Pierce G.) 3247-J (Waves of Joy x Tetra Colorful Etchings) TET, EV, EMre, 40” high, 6.5” flower, 6way branching, 40+ buds. Stud Scape!!! With Teeth, Full-Form Petals!

Generally, patterns are more striking in spring when the temps go up and down. SURFING THE WEB is a wonderful patterned daylily with wide full form petals and a double edging with teeth. Normally SURFING THE WEB’s pattern is much bolder. In Spring there is a strong silver white chevron bisecting the middle of the pattern, like a big Ampersand, surrounded by waves. Anyway she’s a beauty and quite complex. The whole flower has something going on!