Tiger Swirl Daylily

Plant Type: Daylily


This new and exciting variety stands out from the rest of the daylilies with its uniquely shaped petals. Huge, 6.5in triangular-shaped flowers are light golden yellow with a pronounced raspberry red eye.  Its bottom sepals are smooth, often twisting or curling into a "swirling" motion. This is the perfect companion to 'Primal Scream', matching its spider-like look. Daylilies are a perfect landscape plant and possibly the most care-free and easiest perennials to grow.

Triangular-shaped flowers are light golden yellow with a raspberry-red eye and yellow throat. Prominent veining and midribs plus slightly ruffled edges add nice texture to the perennial landscape. Sepals are smooth and twisting, adding extra flare to this attention-grabbing specimen. Blooms measure 6 1/2 inches across.