Wind Beneath My Wings Hosta


A large majestic blue hosta that's a perfect addition to the shade garden! 'Wind beneath My Wings' has an incredibly large, spreading habit of heart-shaped, ruffled blue leaves. Pale lavender flowers appear in midsummer.

More information from The Hosta Helper: 

Registered by Hans Hansen of Walters Gardens, Inc. of Michigan in 2019, this cultivar is a seedling of H. 'Neptune' × H. 'Queen of the Seas'. It is a giant size hosta about 30 inches tall by 79 inches wide with blue-green foliage that his heavily rippled at the margins. The leaves are ovate, slightly wavy and have a glaucous bloom on top. Pale lavender flowers with white margins and a lavender center pattern bloom in July on arching blue scapes 26 to 43 inches. The registration materials state: "...Incredibly large blue with spreading habit and heart-shaped ruffled leaves."