Great new hosta for this season!

Since our first year of business in 1996, we have been offering several hundred varieties of Hosta each season. This season is no different.

Now, with over 500 hosta selections displayed among our perennial gardens, you are sure to find a few to add to your collection.

Each year, a few dozen more selections are added to our expansive inventory list. This year is no exception. Come see for yourself.


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Keith's Favorite Hosta!

June Hosta


This is Keith's very favorite hosta. Mostly, because the leaf coloration looks so fake during it's peak month of June, as if an artist sat in the garden and painted the vibrant colors directly on the leaves.

June, a sport of Hacyon, displays thick leaves with a green edge and gold centers. The fragrant violet flowers bloom July to August. Plant height is 16" with a spread of 32-36". The dense foliage, forms a perfectly symetrical shape, which looks like the crowds out most garden weeds.

This Hosta provides bright color in shade with wonderful foliage. It was the 2001 Hosta of the Year!

'June' is a low care hosta and is ideal for full shad locations. It is best to keep areas around hostas clear of excess leaf debris to reduce the presence of slugs and snails.

It grows well in moist, well-drained, highly organic soils. Sandy loam is better than clay because it provides more aeration for the roots.

Plant 'June' in an area that receives the right amount of light. The leaves need some morning sun to bring out the best coloration; too much sun will burn the leaves.

This is a shockingly beautiful hosta that stands out in the landscape!

Previous American Hosta Growers Association Hosta of the Year

With the increasing number of hosta cultivars being introduced each year it is increasingly difficult for nurserymen and gardeners to choose just the right hostas for their sales areas and gardens. To this end the American Hosta Growers Association established the AHGA Hosta of the Year in 1996. It is selected by a vote of AHGA members. Award winners are hostas that are good garden plants in all a regions of the country, are widely available and in sufficient supply and retail for about $15.00 in the year of selection.


Current Hosta of the Year

Hosta of the Year

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