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Malus 'Camelot'
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Plant Type: Flowering Trees

‘Camzam’ is a dwarf, white-flowered crabapple tree that matures to 10′ tall by 8′ wide. It is being sold under that trade name of CAMELOT. This dwarf tree is noted for its rounded form, white flowers, red fruit and good disease resistance. Thick, leathery, dark green leaves (to 3″ long). Leaves emerge in spring with a burgundy tinge. Red buds open in spring to white flowers (1.5″ diameter) with pink tinges on the petals. Flowers are followed by red crabapples (to 1/2″ diameter) that age to burgundy red. Crabapples mature in fall and may persist into winter. Birds are attracted to the fruit. Fruit may be harvested for jellies.

This dwarf cultivar has a nice compact form and thick, leathery dark green leaves with an overcast of burgundy. The flowers open from red buds to blooms of fuchsia-pink on white, to be followed by rich burgundy fruit. A Lake County ‘ZAM’ introduction, it is disease-resistant.

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Growing & Maintenance Tips:

Flower Color

White and pink

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Soil Moisture

Moist, well drained

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part to full sun

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spring flowers