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Corylus avellana 'Contorta'
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Plant Type: Deciduous Shrubs, Flowering Trees

Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick is a real conversation piece. Complete your landscape with this rare shrub with fantastically twisted, turned, almost corkscrew-like branches. Dark green summer foliage turns yellow in fall. Plant it where you can enjoy the silhouette of the curiously twisted branches against the snow in wintertime. Pendulous catkins, which become prominent in spring, add interest to this unique Hazel. Excellent as an accent or specimen shrub. Can be easily pruned. Much in demand for flower arrangements, C. avellana was found in England and reaches a height of 7 feet. Slow of growth and easily cared for, it is very hardy and does well in sun or shade. Available as a tree or shrub.

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Growing & Maintenance Tips:

As often happens with grafted plants, there is a tendency for suckers to shoot up from the rootstock. You must prune off these suckers so that the plant does not revert to the characteristics of its rootstock.

Flower Color

Light Yellow

Foliage Color

Green foliage in summer turns yellow in fall.

Plant Spread

8-10 ft. wide 7-10 ft. high

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